Fugue #12 in F Minor

'So Close to Heaven' video premiere on Star Magazine

with Dina Meyer, my first girlfriend ever....age 14.... who remains a dear friend till this day

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Huffington Post 'Perfect Beast' Exclusive Premiere

Celebrating the Marginalized .....  

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I go on at 8PM.... come on down y'all

@MrTylerLarson thank you :)
@turktunes My dear friend Matt Turk just released a great new album that I played on...congrats matt!!!! Awesome work http://t.co/fd5wbUxmd4
New Release 'High and Low'w/special guestsRusty Anderson (Paul McCartney) and Dean DeLeo (Stone Temple Pilots) https://t.co/T8tjf0f0VA
Releasing a new song in a few days called 'High and Low'... hope you like it http://t.co/SRgnxynfYy
A little solo action with Sting back in the day... http://t.co/AQyIt3239r
@chrisjoff45 yes, sang and wrote it... Oh the funny little side projects that come along
@runnernavymom exactly
@iminvisible4 thank you!
Before Reality TV…. before Youtube, before the Internet and before Aerosmith… there was… The 'What's Up Show' (1993) https://t.co/fOCWh6TX1Z