Fugue #12 in F Minor

'So Close to Heaven' video premiere on Star Magazine

with Dina Meyer, my first girlfriend ever....age 14.... who remains a dear friend till this day

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Huffington Post 'Perfect Beast' Exclusive Premiere

Celebrating the Marginalized .....  

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I go on at 8PM.... come on down y'all

@iminvisible4 nothing but love right back at ya!
@AeroRoseAngel thank you Rose!
@JungleJulya71 thank you Maria, and Happy new year!
RT @JungleJulya71: A very happy New year our #MasterOfPiano hope will be a great year 4 you @russirwin1
RT @anniesyrowski: @russirwin1's "Manhattan" on repeat. Pretending it's "Chicago" :)
@anniesyrowski that's so sweet :)
RT @BlingYourBrand: LAST CHANCE! Nearly sold out @russirwin1 #GetMeHome http://t.co/Kaw86qKWmQ
Nice to see that Prince is as bad ass as ever!! Forever a loyal fan http://t.co/V6qCxkqQsI
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