Fugue #12 in F Minor

'So Close to Heaven' video premiere on Star Magazine

with Dina Meyer, my first girlfriend ever....age 14.... who remains a dear friend till this day

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Huffington Post 'Perfect Beast' Exclusive Premiere

Celebrating the Marginalized .....  

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I go on at 8PM.... come on down y'all

Lila and I picked out the books we liked the best at the book store ... https://t.co/YCPtc2s83t
I've been going to 8000 Sunset for years and just noticed this sign, tucked away in the corner... Not… https://t.co/dMYFVcOQlT
Just posted a photo https://t.co/8obQ2JxjIi
Super fun performing on the John kerwin show a while back ..... Thanks John!! https://t.co/zWMixXT1Rl
Just posted a photo https://t.co/Dyt3DVAiOS
Kagoshima volcano erupted this morning ... this is the view from my hotel room http://t.co/a7bGRTMygg
Breakfast in Kumamoto ... https://t.co/ZvNYlEDqca
@aerobabe619 Thanks Cheri!
@Blue_Soldier_ Thanks Regina!