Fugue #12 in F Minor

'So Close to Heaven' video premiere on Star Magazine

with Dina Meyer, my first girlfriend ever....age 14.... who remains a dear friend till this day

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Huffington Post 'Perfect Beast' Exclusive Premiere

Celebrating the Marginalized .....  

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I go on at 8PM.... come on down y'all

For all fellow vegan's... Don't do it http://t.co/E2oMF7b7DI
RT @DinaMeyer: #tbt 1999 squeezed in an @aerosmith show while filming Bats in SLC Utah @russirwin1 http://t.co/avWaZpxl4M
this is one of the most brilliant pieces of music i've ever heard ...... thoughts? http://t.co/YwhwN6H025 #NowPlaying
Art?? yup.... i'd say so..... ♫ Art School Girl – Stone Temple Pilots http://t.co/4pFGwdFlM9 #NowPlaying
@48_cooper no, it wasn't money...
@AerosmithBand_ I wish them the best and hope the tour does great
@AerosmithBand_ Since so many are asking, the reason i'm not with Aerosmith on tour is because we couldn't agree on the terms of my deal....
@OfficialSting @AerosmithBand_ @jeffbeckmusic Just came across this great performance at the iheart music radio festival. amazing there
@younglust_xo Thanks Hannah.... that's very sweet :)